Who We Work With

As a trusted philanthropic partner, providing strategic guidance and support, we ensure that your funds are used in line with your wishes.

Individuals and Families Guide

No matter what size of company or enterprise we can make corporate philanthropy less daunting, We work to identify and implement a robust approach to help you fulfil your wider ambitions of investing in communities, supporting innovative ideas and helping those most in need.

Companies Guide

We have a successful history of partnering with Trusts and Foundations, voluntary organisations and charitable groups. By working together we have seen the impact that a co-ordinated and collective approach can have in ensuring issues are tackled.

Other Charitable Organisations Guide

We offer your clients the philanthropic services they need. They can be delivered through our flexible Philanthropic Management Service. We offer support, solutions and options no matter what stage of their giving journey your client is at.

Professional Advisors & Family Offices Guide

A Better Way to Give

Choosing Community Foundation Ireland to guide and manage your donation or fund has many proven benefits.

Greater Impact

Our ever-evolving network of grantee organisations and communities enables us to convene and create long-term connected strategic programmes offering donors greater impact for their strategic funds.

Peace of mind

We know philanthropy. Since the year 2000 we have expertly guided, supported and advised giving which delivers major social change. We meet the highest standards of governance and regulation.


We engage our unique network of 5,000 strong community partners to identify patterns, connections and solutions as they emerge, often ahead of others in the field 


As part of the global network of over 1,800 Community Foundations, we ensure impactful, evidence-based grant-making, with flexibility for new opportunities. Our thematic approach helps guide and inspire donors by growing our evidence base.

How We Help

Choosing Community Foundation Ireland to guide and manage your donation or fund has many proven benefits.

1 Philanthropy Advice

Community Foundation Ireland has the expertise to guide donors and those who want to engage with philanthropy in a more structured or strategic way.

2 Donate to a Fund

Supporting an existing fund is highly strategic and facilities a collaborative and an effective way to give. Funds are structured under our four pillars; Accelerating Change, Empowering Generations, Inclusive Communities and Sustainable Futures.

3 Set Up a Fund

This tailored way of giving is ideal for those wishing to pursue charitable interests without extra administrative burdens and costs. Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are efficient and flexible philanthropic giving vehicles

4 Leave a Legacy

By leaving a legacy you can support a charitable cause or organisation which has been important to you in your lifetime.

For change. For better. For all.

If you share our mission of Equality for All in Thriving Communities we would love to have a conversation. No matter what stage you are at on your philanthropic journey please do contact us to discuss further.

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