Thursday 16, May 2024
Sex For Rent Exploitation Must Be Outlawed

Pioneering research by the National Women's Council in partnership with Community Foundation Ireland makes compelling case for action on Sex For Rent Exploitation.

Thursday 18, April 2024
Community Education and Lone Parents

Pioneering research and recommendations made possible by the Beachaire Fund at Community Foundation Ireland on the power of Community Education to empower lone parents.

Monday 8, April 2024
Ensuring Access to the Arts

Our donors open up access to the Arts. Are you ready to be part of that journey? Mella from our Grants and Donor Care Team invites you to get involved.

Thursday 7, March 2024
Delivering Gender Equality: The Greatest Challenge

International Women's Day reflections by Denise Charlton, Chief Executive, Community Foundation Ireland on achieving gender equality.

Thursday 7, March 2024
Philanthropy and Government Powering Biodiversity Action

A partnership between donors to Community Foundation Ireland and Government is powering biodiversity action across Ireland, Jason from our Social Impact Team explains more.

Friday 1, March 2024
Big Boost for Local Biodiversity Plans

Endangered species and habitats among new Community Biodiversity Action Plans.

Wednesday 21, February 2024
Greener Possibilities Fund

Energia Group’s Greener Possibilities Fund awards €200,000 to organisations committed to communities and climate action.

Wednesday 14, February 2024
Need for Independent Commissioner for Aging and Older People

Community Foundation Ireland partners call on politicians to honour commitments to older people.

Tuesday 6, February 2024
Celebrating Philanthropy: DCU Award

Celebrating a successful philanthropic partnership. Community Foundation Ireland receives award from DCU Educational Trust.

Friday 2, February 2024
AXA Ireland Fund Supports Women Group’s Across Ireland

Community Foundation Ireland has partnered with AXA Ireland Fund to support Local Women Groups in Ireland.

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