RTÉ Toy Show Appeal 2023

Community Foundation Ireland is the charity partner of the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal. Learn more about the appeal here

RTÉ Toy Show Appeal 2023

For change.
For better.
For all.

As a philanthropic hub we believe strategic giving has the power to create meaningful change and achieve our mission of Equality for All in Thriving Communities.


Making Real Change Happen

We have been enabling this change since the year 2000, by providing over €120 million in grant-making.


Giving strategically

Our expertise, network of partners and approach to funding enables our donors to maximise the impact of their funds.


As a philanthropic hub we have the connectivity, knowledge and expertise to advise donors strategically to deliver systemic and societal change. We know philanthropy is different. It takes the longer term view.


The Community Foundation model uniquely connects us to communities. We have a network of 5,000 partners. Whether working locally on the ground, leading changemakers or delivering agenda-setting research, each of our partners share our equality mission.


We are strategic. We deliver impact. We identify connections and solutions that others can’t yet see. Our work has a real long-term impact, delivering Inclusive Communities, Empowering Generations, Accelerating Change and securing Sustainable Futures.