Why Give

We advocate for and enable strategic giving which goes beyond the moment.

Strategic giving translates a generous impulse into strategic investments and long-term relationships. It leads to transformative results. In recent years, we have seen a growing need to approach charitable giving in a much more strategic way.

Individuals and families, corporates and other charitable organisations are concerned to know if their charitable donations are making a permanent difference and not just having an immediate impact.

They want advice on how to best invest available resources. They want a platform to give strategically, with minimum bureaucracy but to the highest standards of governance.

We see a growing interest within families in how to engage other family members, often the next generation, in their giving. People and organisations which have done well want to give back. They want to thank a community that helped them succeed and ensure that causes they care for are looked after.

They want to create a legacy that supports the places they come from and principles they believe in including the arts, human rights, the environment and education. They may wish to create an impact that lasts beyond their own lifetime. That legacy gives meaning in ways that connect family, links generations or honours a loved one.

Whatever the reason, we can provide convenient, cost-effective and impactful giving options that support specific values, interests and intentions.

Giving strategically through us

We help people and organisations make a difference by making giving easy and by investing in people and solutions which benefit communities across Ireland and abroad.

We provide flexible giving options, access to advice and expertise and we relieve you of the administrative burden of receiving funding requests and making donations.

We ensure significant savings in cost and time compared with setting up a charitable foundation or trust. 

We provide tailored philanthropic and grant making advice to ensure your donations are given to charities that make a real difference to the causes you care about.

We report back to you on how your gift is used and provide opportunities to visit projects and to see your funding in action. We offer collaborative giving opportunities with The Community Foundation for Ireland and other donors.

Just as we support not one but many causes, we provide a variety of ways to give strategically.

Please contact our Head of Development, Jackie Harrison if you would like to learn more or discuss your options, E:  T: 01 874 7354

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