United Call for new Commissioner on Aging

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The Alliance of Age Sector NGOs, representing seven leading older persons organisations, is calling on all political parties to include a commitment in their manifestos, ahead of the next general election, to establish an Independent Commissioner for Ageing and Older People and to relaunch the National Positive Ageing Strategy (2013) with a strong implementation and monitoring plan and a ring-fenced budget.

According to ‘Taking stock: Is Government keeping its commitments to older people?’, a hard-hitting review launched today by the Alliance, there has been a significant failure to deliver many of Ireland’s policy commitments for ageing and older people.

The review sets out the extensive range of policy commitments relevant to our ageing population as described in key Government publications and provides a summary of the progress made in the various areas.

Community Foundation Ireland Chief Executive, Denise Charlton, which is supporting the work of the Alliance, said:

“Often, we talk about the needs of Ireland’s ageing population as if this represents a change in demographics to be considered in the future.

The truth is our population has already grown considerably older in recent years.

It is to be celebrated that people are living longer but we need to ensure that more of these years are spent in better health.

As a Foundation which believes in Empowering Generations, we are proud philanthropic partners of the Alliance and fully endorse the call for the urgent establishment of an Independent Commissioner for Ageing and Older People.”

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