New Support for Climate Action

FoodCloud and Global Action Plan receive support

Energia – Greener Possibilities launch. Pic Orla Murray/Coalesce

Energia Group awards Grants

Energia Group is delighted to award Global Action Plan and FoodCloud, two community driven charities, funding as part of their Greener Possibilities Group. Over two years, each organization will be given €50,000 of funding. The funds which will be administered by Community Foundation Ireland, will have a lasting impact on the projects carried out by the two groups.

Global Action Plan’s GLAS community gardens, unique community spaces for social inclusion and environmental education, and FoodCloud, an organization committed to finding surplus food and giving it those that are in need, have been awarded the funding. The two groups carry out projects that have sustainability at their core and demonstrate the importance of community driven work.

As part of the application process for receiving the funds, groups across Ireland were invited to propose a project that showcased their commitment to the climate crisis, climate resilience or biodiversity protection. Global Action Plan and FoodCloud were successful for the funds as the respective projects emphasize how important combatting the climate crisis is to them both presently and in the future.

Both groups, who were also part of the Group’s first year of awardees of the Greener Possibilities fund, coordinate projects that are closely aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of Energia Group’s commitments to sustainability and community, this fund will strive to help the awarded projects increase their ability to make the world a more sustainable place to live, in line with SDG 13 Climate Action and SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The organisations groups based in the Republic of Ireland are part of an overall group of four that have been awarded funds as part of Energia Group’s Greener Possibilities Fund. In Northern Ireland, Grow NI and Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful have also been selected to receive the funding.

Derek Scully, Head of Corporate Affairs at Energia Group acknowledged the importance of the funds and the work of the various organisations, “At Energia Group we are delighted to be supporting these four incredible organisations who each have a positive focus and impact on sustainability and communities. The Greener Possibilities Fund is closely aligned to the Group’s strategy and values, and through a shared focus on the UN SDGs we are excited to be helping them to deliver real change across climate action and supporting communities that we serve and operate in. We know that these organisations are catalysts for supporting those that might be vulnerable and experiencing difficulties, and we are proud to be able to support their valuable work.”

Denise Charlton, Chief Executive, Community Foundation Ireland added, “Climate action starts in communities.

As a philanthropic hub, the Community Foundation works with partners who share our vision of Equality for All in Thriving Communities. The Energia Group is one of those important partners.

By working together, we are delivering supports and expertise which will help ensure sustainable futures for all.”

Energia Group continues to serve its long-standing reputation of working with and in collaboration with community groups across Ireland. The Group has invested more than €3 million in local communities through their community benefit funds. Additionally, the Group helps several climate action education initiatives while also marking hours of volunteering jobs to charities every year.

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