Support For Biodiversity Action

Grants available

Communities are being invited to apply for support to take steps to protect local plants and wildlife.

Community Foundation Ireland is inviting applications from groups ready to develop or implement action plans which are targeted at promoting wildlife by protecting natural green areas and other habitats.

Offered in partnership with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage the funding aims to build on the more than 180 communities which have developed their own plans since 2019.

This latest round of support provides for grants of up to €11,000 and is being offered under two strands:

Support for communities yet to formulate a local action plan to engage and work with expert ecologists to identify needs for their area.

Support for those areas which already have a plan and want to turn it into reality.

Hands planting a small shrub in a box at a project supported by Community Foundation Ireland.

Supporting Communities

This initiative combines the expertise of qualified ecologists with the passion and commitment of local community groups to create a sustainable environment for all. Since the inception of the biodiversity fund in 2019, the Community Foundation Ireland Biodiversity Fund has proudly awarded grants of more than €1 million in support to community groups. These grants have catalyzed numerous projects aimed at safeguarding and revitalizing our precious ecosystems.

According to Denise Charlton, the Chief Executive,

Vibrant green areas, riverbanks, parklands and forests not only helps many of our plants, insects and animals it is also benefits people of all ages.

The biodiversity supports we offer as a philanthropic hub with a mission of equality is breathing new life into common and public areas which were often going to waste and becoming devoid of life.

We look forward to receiving and considering proposals from new communities who want to begin the journey of biodiversity action as well as those who already have been supported in formulating plans and now want to make them happen.”

The closing date for grant applications is October 13th, providing eligible groups with ample time to craft compelling proposals.

How to Apply

Full Details are available under Open Grants on our Apply For Funding Page.