Community Foundation Ireland manages over €130,000 donated by AXA Fund Ireland to Local Women Groups


3 AXA Ireland Fund partners stand behind a large cardboard cut-out that reads "The AXA Ireland Fund" "Grant Recipient"
AXA Ireland Fund partners promoting grants from the fund

AXA Ireland Fund has partnered with us, knowing we have a dedicated team of experts with a unique connectivity with communities across Ireland, to manage their portfolio.

The Foundation and its donors are on a shared mission of equality for all in our local communities. Their purpose is to drive impactful social change, working with frontline partners and changemakers who want to make a difference. Below a message from Denise Charlton, Chief Executive, Community Foundation Ireland:

As a philanthropic hub, we have the expertise to deliver positive, sustainable, and strategic impact. We link the generosity and vision of donors with the energy and ideas of people in the community

AXA Ireland Fund Launched

AXA Ireland – the country’s largest home and motor insurer – has donated over €130,000 to two leading women’s groups based in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The donations are being made via the AXA Ireland Fund which previously supported community groups to help them develop parks and recreational spaces in their local communities.  It has been a vital boost to the groups and was welcome news at the end of 2023 for the funding recipients.

Support from the AXA Ireland Fund will be transformational for these smaller, grass roots organisations, enabling them to expand their services to help more people. The two groups to receive funding are:

The Great Care Co-op [based in Dublin]

The Great Care Co-op is a social enterprise, founded by migrant women offering their mainly female workforce more financial security and providing a higher standard of tailored care to those in need.

The Co-op plan to use the support from the AXA Ireland Fund to expand their business from three to eight care hubs, operating across Dublin and Wicklow. The support will enable them to provide tailored care for more people in need, and to offer more women better employment conditions and financial compensation. Mariaam Bhatti, Co-Founder, The Great Care Co-op comments: 

We care about positive ageing, sustainable societies, and about workers being able to access decent work. We’re motivated by wanting to see a better world

GLOW (Giving Life Opportunities to Women) [based in Belfast]

GLOW was developed to address issues such as low self-esteem & confidence, mental health problems, isolation, and a general lack of purpose.

With support from the AXA Ireland Fund, this small organisation will continue to invest in their programmes (LILY, Fearless & The Real Me) which helps women and girls from 10-13, 14-17 and 18+ years old. The funding will also allow them to explore the possibility of launching a pilot programme to recruit a family support worker to equip the women they work with and their family members with the coping skills to strengthen family relationships and navigate the complexities of mental health challenges. Treasa Rice, CEO of GLOW talks about how Glow supports women:

GLOW provides a safe space for women to share their vulnerabilities. We have women and girls coming from both sides of the community, fostering a community of resilience and hope

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AXA Ireland Fund partners


Making the announcement, Marguerite Brosnan – CEO at AXA Ireland added:

Through the AXA Ireland Fund, we are delighted to support local communities, organisations and not for profit enterprises who seek to make a difference in addressing key social issues. Empowerment of women, whether in the home, the workplace, or the community, is key to enable a richer, more diverse society.

I am delighted that the AXA Ireland Fund is supporting key enablers of empowerment and in doing so helping to build resilience, welfare, and overall well-being.  We look forward to seeing beneficiaries from the fund thrive, grow, and prosper in the coming year. And we will be with them every step of the way to support them on their journeys.

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