VitalSigns 2017 survey is now open!

VitalSigns 2017 survey is now open!

Posted on June 21, 2017

VitalSigns is a report card on the vitality of the nation. Originating from the Community Foundation of Canada, The Community Foundation for Ireland adopted this program as a way to better utilize the community’s voices in informing policy and decision makers on the issues Irish citizens face.  The report grades twelve key issue areas that affect the quality of life of those who live, work, play and learn in Ireland. Ireland’s VitalSigns is a multi-dimensional report that uses public perception, factual data, and community leader perceptions to inform where our grants and donations go to helping build our communities.

Capturing both hard facts and lived experience, Ireland’s VitalSigns tells a more nuanced and complete story of Ireland’s vitality than ever before. The better we understand our communities, the better equipped we are to make decisions and take action to improve them.

By participating in this survey, YOU can use your voice to share your opinions about the 12 key issue areas featured in the report, giving YOU the opportunity to be key influencers in the decision and grant making process for The Community Foundation for Ireland. This report is sent out to all the key stakeholders in Irish society and as a way to inform policy and decision makers about the real issues we face as a nation today.

To date we have released three VitalSigns reports; VitalSigns 2013, VitalSigns 2015 and the special edition VitalSigns Belonging report released in 2016. Add your voice to the over 2000 participants we’ve had so far to help us make our community a better place.

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