Unsung Heroes- MPB Fund

Unsung Heroes- MPB Fund

Posted on April 30, 2018

The MPB Fund was established in 2013 as a long-term family fund. The mother of this family has been a long-standing supporter of philanthropy and wanted to pass down this value to her three children. The three adult siblings manage all decision making of the fund and decide on what social issues and causes to support. To date, the fund has given grants of over €650,000 and will continue to provide significant funding in the future.


“So how did we guide our children into philanthropy? Actually, it is very easy because young people are naturally inclined to be kind, non-judgemental and generous. When they become adults, to keep the momentum going we decided that we would like them to manage their own giving fund. Here was their chance to have an impact on the issues that were pulling at their heartstring. From regular reminders to lists of relevant causes to choose from, to organising meetings, down to practically holding their hands, throughout the whole process The Community Foundation for Ireland has been so supportive. As an added bonus the fund has given my children a focus outside their busy working lives and an opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, thereby strengthening their closeness as siblings. “ Quote from Fund Holder

As part of the grant making process the Grants and Donor Services team within The Community Foundation for Ireland provide options for grant making opportunities on particular issues that interest the fund. Over the years the MPB Fund has supported a number of social causes, more recently including significant support to homelessness, addressing the refugee crisis and preventing domestic violence. The Fund is targeted and strategic in its grant making and has often provided multi-annual grants to projects that needed longer-term funding to achieve their objective.

Within The Community Foundation for Ireland we have seen the need from the charity sector to avail of larger, multi-annual funding, especially for advocacy and social policy work. Funds such as the MPB Fund ensure that not only are frontline services able to deal with the issues of the day but that organisations who take a more long-term, strategic approach to social change are equipped with the funding needed to ensure this essential work can be carried through to the end.  

Some examples of grant making from the MPB Fund include Safe Ireland’s work on changing the culture on domestic violence in Ireland, the Irish Refugee Council’s project to increase access to educational opportunities for people living in direct provision in Ireland and Simon Communities work on providing counseling and mental health services to people who experience homelessness to ensure that they can find and keep appropriate accommodation.