The Giving Circle Ireland

The Giving Circle Ireland

Posted on November 08, 2018

The Giving Circle of Ireland Fund was set up in The Community Foundation for Ireland by a group of donors where members pool and combine their money, talent and philanthropic interests in order to make an impact collectively.

The mission of the Giving Circle of Ireland is to collectively fund and support social purpose projects and organisations.  

They do this by inspiring a new community of engaged philanthropists and facilitating opportunities to link with organisations, social entrepreneurs and networks.   The members of The Giving Circle of Ireland will likely give and do more because of this engagement and belonging to a group of like-minded peers.

Thus far in 2018 The Giving Circle of Ireland fund made 4 grants to organisations in Ireland. The Community Foundation for Ireland administers the grants on The Giving Circle’s behalf, conducts governance checks and makes suggestions to the The Giving Circle of Ireland on strategic grants they can make within the social issue areas that have been prioritised by their donors.

Grants made in 2018 include:

  1. A grant to Safe Haven Ireland to support the cost of a project co-ordinator to expand its inclusive sailing programs.

  2. A grant to MyMind to support the expansion of MyMind's accessible services in Ireland in order to serve the growing demand for their accessible mental health services.

  3. Funding to support the Soar Foundation’s peer-to-peer approach for supporting teenagers’ mental health.

  4. Funding for Our Table, a refugee-led community project that campaigns for ending direct provision in Ireland and promotes justice for asylum seekers and refugees.

The Giving Circle Fund is a fantastic example of how donors of all means can collaborate together to support strategic organisations in alleviating some of Ireland’s most pressing social issues.

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To visit The Giving Circle of Ireland’s website click here.