Spotlight Grant- Citywise Education

Spotlight Grant- Citywise Education

Posted on March 31, 2017

As part of a donor advised fund at The Community Foundation for Ireland an anonymous donor has provided a grant of €35,000 to Citywise Education. This grant has enabled Citywise to leverage additional funding in order to provide coding programmes to over 150 young people across Ireland.

Citywise is currently providing a number of coding programmes including;

  • Coderdojo and CScoding, specifically aimed at girls
  • Robotics teams
  • Khan academy for younger people
  • PIJ(Pi Rasberry) Scientific and maths support.

In lieu with providing these strategic and mainly underfunded programmes in Ireland, Citywise also provides support to children to use the centre on a one-off basis for initiatives such as summer programmes, sports days or reward days in schools. . Citywise also runs a very successful series of Fast Track programmes for three hundred young people in west Tallaght which focus on helping young people from 8 to 18 years to take their education seriously and then move on to further education.

This month’s spotlight grant is a great example of how seed funding from strategic and forward thinking donors can allow community and voluntary organisations to leverage funding from other sources.  Private donors have the potential to maximise social effects by investing in organisations that are providing innovative programs, which often are not in line with government priorities and therefore miss out on traditional funding methods. Donor advised funds are a great vehicle to provide strategic grants in an area that our donors are passionate about, the impacts of which will be seen long into the future.