My Legacy Week

My Legacy Week

Posted on November 01, 2017

My Legacy week 2017 starts October 31st and runs until November 3rd. For many, making a will is something that has to be done to ensure that family members and loved ones are looked after when you are gone. For some, wills also provide an opportunity. An opportunity to do something special; that will be sincerely appreciated; that is perhaps strategic; in short, that will truly make a difference in the community.

The Community Foundation for Ireland wants to create a fair, vibrant and caring Ireland for now and the future. We are here for the long term. An increasing number of people are responding to and choosing to include us as a beneficiary in their will, to ensure that the most pressing social issues of the day are supported. Legacies are hugely important in this context. Who knows what issues are coming down the track? But, it’s very simple, if we have more funding we can respond to more of the needs and react to more unique opportunities that may otherwise be ignored or forgotten.

The Community Foundation for Ireland and its supporters are ambitious for Ireland in many ways.  Some people will support an issue they are passionate about. For example, one donor has included the Environment Fund at The Community Foundation for Ireland in their will, to both ensure that their bequest impacts the environment in future years to come and to encourage a community of donors to support this issue – whether in their lifetime or in their will, or both.  The Environment Fund is just one of the thematic funds held at The Community Foundation for Ireland, others include:

LGBT+ Fund

Older Persons’ Fund

Women’s Fund

Why might you ask do we need to ask people to support The Community Foundation for Ireland in their will? Well, there are so many significant needs and issues to be addressed. These include:

Climate change is arguably the most pressing issue in Ireland, we need new independent funding to address research issues and press for real action on climate change, and to help communities better plan at a local level.

Research shows that when women and girls prosper, entire communities in Ireland succeed.

On an annual basis, 9,500 women and 3,000 children receive support or accommodation from a domestic violence service in Ireland.

Domestic violence is a largely unprosecuted, under-reported and undocumented crime in Ireland. 79% of victims in Ireland have never disclosed to anyone about serious physical or sexual violence by a partner.

It is estimated that by 2041, people aged over 65 will account for 22% of the population in Ireland, compared to some 11% today.

Transgender people experience worrying levels of violence because of their gender identity: 6% of transgender people had been raped; 36% had been sexually harassed; 16% were physically assaulted and 64% were mocked or called names.

83% of transgender people avoid public spaces due to a fear of being harassed.

How can you help? A gift in a will can be cash or a gift, it can be part or all of what remains after family members and loves ones are looked after or it can be a percentage of one’s estate. The Community Foundation for Ireland is asking people to consider leaving 1% of their estate to help support projects and initiatives that will make Ireland a better country in the country.

Please contact us if you would like to know more. Niall can be contacted on 01 874 7354 or by email

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