Donor provides grant to ICARE’s 2019 programme

Donor provides grant to ICARE’s 2019 programme

Posted on January 07, 2019

iCARE (Inishowen Children’s Autism Related Education) is a local parent-run organisation that provides respite, training, support and information for families who have children with autism from the Inishowen region of Donegal. By bringing parents together they aspire to give parents a voice by promoting improved treatment, education, welfare and acceptance for children on a local level.

A Donor Advised Fund has provided a grant of €35,000 to support iCARE’s programmes for 2019. The programmes will support children with autism in Donegal aged 3-18 years old.

Younger children can enjoy classes involving music, science, gardening and fitness classes while older young adults can get involved with cooking classes, life skills, wellbeing and career classes.

iCARE’s work has seen an improvement in skills and abilities for the children who partake in these classes including but not limited to:

  • Improved social and emotional learning: self-management, relationship skills, responsible decision making and coping skills.
  • Improved fine motor skills, cooperative play, puzzle solving and skills in science, technology and creativity.
  • Increase mobility, flexibility, stamina and coordination.

The organisation prides itself on its person-centred approaches. Throughout the organisation it is considered vital to get to know the person with an autism spectrum condition, and also understand how their autism impacts on their life. They feel that every person with autism is unique, and that their autism impacts on them uniquely.. iCARE believe that all should have access to services, regardless of social background.

Grants from donors that allow organisations to continue providing needed and proven ongoing work can often be hard to find as many donors like to fund one-off strategic projects with immediate impact. However our donors understand that not all results are immediate and by providing support to organisations who have a proven model can support those whose voices often go unheard in our communities. To see more impacts our donors have had in the area of health click here.