Comic Relief awards €215,000 to Irish charities

Comic Relief awards €215,000 to Irish charities

Posted on February 01, 2018

Comic relief, a Donor Advised Fund holder at The Community Foundation for Ireland has awarded almost €215,000 to charities in Ireland including Trōcaire for work with refugees and with a further number of Irish based charities working on the refugee and homelessness issues.

2017 Comic Relief Grantees:

Trōcaire was awarded over €100,000 in funds to carry out a project for the improvement of health and nutritional status of refugee children from age 3 to 6 years in Gaza and North Gaza Governorate refugee camps. The project seeks to address two specific problems; 1) the high levels of intestinal diseases of child refugees in Gaza and 2) undernourishment, underweight and stunting in the 3 to 6 years age group.

Children’s Rights Alliance were awarded a grant of €20,000 to organise a national education programme targeting national policy makers and frontline service providers to understand the needs and vulnerabilities of child refugees. Over a series of five events, they will educate participants on how to provide effective supports and best practice models for inclusion and integration of child refugees. Particular themes will include emotional well-being, language needs and developmental needs in education, health and youth and community services.

Immigrant Council of Ireland was awarded over €15,000 to undertake targeted support activities in relation to the employment rights of asylum seekers, recognised refugees, those granted subsidiary protection or leave to remain, and victims of trafficking currently in direct provision. This work will focus on informing individuals, employers and other agencies of the rights to seek employment which stem from migrants' immigration status.

Merchant’s Quay Ireland received €30,000 to recruit an additional Young Persons Support Worker. This Support Worker will offer specialised interventions to vulnerable young people aged 18-24 year olds who are at risk of homelessness due to a range of issues including family breakdown, leaving care, leaving the prison system and substance misuse.

Cork Simon Community was awarded almost €30,000 for Cork Simon’s Aftercare Service. This Service provides housing and support for people who are homeless and have undergone residential addiction treatment to help with their alcohol and/or drug addiction. The Aftercare Service ensures that those who have completed their treatment do not have to go back to emergency accommodation. The Aftercare Service provides an alcohol and drug free environment offering people a safe place to consolidate their recovery and make plans for their future.

Focus Ireland received over €10,000 for a Duty Worker to support 30-35 vulnerable families per month who are experiencing homelessness. After a family falls into homelessness the Duty Worker provides a crucial first point of contact for the families, providing immediate advice and aims during this very stressful and overwhelming period. The Duty Worker assists with housing applications, accessing services and also links families in with local services when appropriate

The funds were raised from Paddy’s Night 2017 in support of Comic Relief on behalf of Comic Relief UK. Comic Relief will run again this Paddy’s Night 2018 in order to raise more funds for both national and international charities focused on working with refugees and tackling homelessness. You can find out more about Comic Relief 2018 here.