Annual Reporting Grants

Annual Reporting Grants

Posted on January 18, 2019

Throughout 2018 The Community Foundation for Ireland made 55 grants of up to €1,000 to support small to medium non-profits in publishing their financial statements and annual reports.

The Community Foundation for Ireland ensures the highest standard of governance to our donors and wanted to provide funding for smaller organisations to report on their financials, objectives and future plans. Publishing annual reports ensures a level of good practice, openness and accountability within the sector.

In recent years there has been increased scrutiny on the community and voluntary sector, this has meant more stringent rules and regulations to streamline and support the growing number of organisations, many of which are volunteer lead and have low levels of funding. The Community Foundation for Ireland believes in the effectiveness of the organisations we fund and wanted to support the sector by promoting good governance and accountability.

We are committed to providing up to date and accurate information detailing our programme of work and grant making in our own Annual Report and we felt it was good practice to provide grants so other organisations have the opportunity to do the same.

Here are some great examples of the types of annual reports that were published from the grants provided:

Annual reports are a vital product of any organisation; it allows the organisation and their supporters the information necessary to assess the progress made throughout the year and to spot places for growth in the coming year. It provides public trust and confidence in smaller organisations and their role in the communities they serve. These reports are a key element of accountability and influencing policy and can act as a valuable tool for organisations marketing their activities.

“In 2018 we received funding towards the cost of producing our Annual Report. This funding was so valuable to us as it allowed us to share our story with the community and also greatly contributed to further grant applications. Having a professional and informative Annual Report is key to securing grants and funding for our non-profit organisation. This year we were extremely lucky to be chosen as the National Lottery Good Causes Winners for 2018, winning the Youth Category and then being chosen as the Overall Winners of the Award. Our Annual Report was sent in as part of this application and we are in no doubt that it supported us on journey. “

- Children’s Grief Centre

Some of the other organisations who were awarded grants as part of the Annual Report scheme include; Diversity Sligo, ShoutOut, Problem Gambling Ireland, Cork Nature Network, Place of Sanctuary Ireland and Embrace Farm amoung many others. 

Another way in which The Community Foundation for Ireland supports and promotes best practice in the sector is through our Pay and Benefits Research and our Learning Network Events which provide information, knowledge and networking opportunities to both our grantees and other non-profit organisations. We hope to continue making grants in the future that support the development of the community and voluntary sector, as a thriving community and voluntary sector is essential for a fair, caring and vibrant Ireland.