2017 Reflections

2017 Reflections

Posted on December 20, 2017

We are just at the end of our strategic planning cycle and we are reflecting on the things we have achieved and the other areas we need to focus on. To us, the need to grow strategic giving is of paramount importance as we see the extraordinary work the community and voluntary sector do for the people in our communities especially the most vulnerable. However, we see these wonderful groups struggle to find the funds to deliver on their strategic priorities. So we are determined to grow philanthropy and assist donors who are strategic in their philanthropy. We want to see it make a significant contribution to making Ireland a country to be proud of and a fair place to live in.

We aim to improve our support for lasting and real change. We will become better at identifying those grants which we think will make a significant change for good and support them in the long term.

I want to say a big thank you to all our generous and thoughtful donors who so unselfishly give their funds and time to make Ireland a fair and caring place as well as the wonderful people who work unremittingly in our community and voluntary groups to make our country a great place to live and grow up in.  Thank you and a Happy Holidays to you all. May 2018 be a year filled with joy and caring.

Tina Roche December 2017