How have we supported LGBT+ so far

We believe in equality and fairness for all citizens in Ireland and are proud to have supported LGBT+ rights since we were founded in 2000.

Through our own fund and the generosity of our donors, we have provided almost €1million to LGBT+ groups. This includes significant support for Marriage Equality and funding for setting up the first National Gay and Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Helpline. Other grants provided include BeLonGTo Youth Service, Rainbow Support Service, National LGBT Federation, TransParenCi and many more.

We are proud to support the changes in attitudes towards LGBT+ but much more needs to be done.

"TENI’s Speaking from the Margins report (2013) found that only 51% of trans participants were employed either part-time or full-time. Furthermore, despite being generally well-qualified, relatively few (37%) earned over 15,000 Euros per year, with even fewer earning over 20,000 Euros annually (31%). Many trans people report experiences of harassment and discrimination at work and in their daily lives, as well as the fear of harassment and discrimination. Despite great strides for trans people in Ireland, there are many barriers to trans people’s full inclusion. There is an urgent need to support trans people to be leaders and change-makers in Irish society."

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)

LGBT+ in Ireland

In just a quarter of a century, we have seen a seismic shift in attitudes towards LGBT+ in Ireland. From the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1993 to the passing of the Marriage Equality referendum in 2015 to the appointment of Ireland’s first openly gay Taoiseach in 2017, we have come on leaps and bounds in this country.

However, there are serious issues around the inclusion of all members of the LGBT+ community. Currently one of the most pressing issues is the recognition and support of Transgender people. According to research from Transgender equality network (TENI), there are shocking findings when it comes to the mental health and wellbeing of members of the transgender community. For example:

  • 78% of Transgender people have considered suicide and 40% of these had attempted to take their own lives at least once.
  • Transgender people experience worrying levels of violence because of their gender identity: 6% of transgender people had been raped; 36% had been sexually harassed; 16% were physically assaulted and 64% were mocked or called names.
  • 83% of transgender people avoid public spaces due to a fear of being harassed.
  • The majority of transgender people have had negative experiences: healthcare professionals had discouraged 26% of respondents from exploring their gender and 19% of people were told they “weren't really trans”.

How you can help

If you are passionate about human rights and the rights of all members of our society to be treated equally, then think about giving strategically to our fund focussing on LGBT+ rights . From our VitalSigns report, we have worked with TENI on identifying key areas which need support. Some of these include:

  • Working with schools on developing education programmes so teachers can support trans students.
  • Providing sustainable funding to launch family support groups.
  • Developing education and awareness programmes to support inclusion.

Visit our Giving section to explore how you can strategically fund the advancement of LGBT+ rights in Ireland. You can support the Thematic Fund immediately or leave a gift in your will. The choice is yours.

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