Grants Support Hub

Grants Support Hub

This section is designed to support all your grant application needs. Watch our video giving tips and advice on making an application, advice on receiving grants and FAQs.

Making an application

This video will give you an overview of the following

  • Making a strong application.
  • Common mistakes made.
  • What happens after your application is submitted.
  • What our assessors look for in an application.
  • What happens if your application is successful.

Making an Application

Receiving a grant

During the application process we require all applicants to provide their bank details and to attach their most recent bank statement. We require a bank statement to verify the bank account and we do not need to see any transactional information. It is very important that you provide accurate bank details in your application so that we can ensure, if you are successful, your grant is paid as soon as possible so that you can get started on your funded project. All of your bank account information is available on the top of your bank statement and can be viewed online if you use internet banking. We advise all applicants to check that their IBAN and BIC is correct before submitting an application. You can check your details and generate your IBAN through the following website:

Does your organisation have an account with a credit union?

As we have moved exclusively to grant payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) we can only pay funds into a credit union account where the credit union operates its own unique BIC code. While most credit unions now operate their own unique BIC code, unfortunately some have not yet moved over to this new system i.e. they continue to use their clearing bank’s BIC and IBAN code.

Please note we are unable to pay grants into a credit union account where the credit union continues to utilise their clearing bank’s BIC and IBAN code.

Interim and outcome reports

Depending on the size of the grant awarded, a grantee will be requested to submit either an interim and an outcome report or just an outcome report. The interim and outcome reports are designed to evaluate your project as a whole and measure the impact of our grant making. The report will allow the grant recipient, donors and The Community Foundation for Ireland to reflect on and learn from the activity the grant supported.

Soon you will be able to submit your interim and outcome reports via our online system. During this switch-over time, we may still ask you to submit some reports via traditional means but know that soon you will be able to save a lot of time via the online monitoring system.

Grantee Survey

Every year we conduct the Grantee Survey to get feedback from organisations who apply to us for grants, both successful and unsuccessful applicants. Click below to download the full Grantee Survey. 



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