We are committed to the highest standards of governance. Individuals, families and organisations entrust their monies to us and we have the responsibility to ensure we are accountable for what we do and transparent in how we do it. Our board are committed to attaining the highest standards of corporate governance. Accordingly, transparency and accountability are constant priorities of the Board, its dedicated Finance, Audit, Investment and Governance Sub Committee and our staff.

Strategic Plan

This strategic plan was prepared by the Board of The Community Foundation for Ireland in consultation with the executive staff. The plan is based on the Logic Model of strategic planning and reporting and corresponding one year action plans will be developed accordingly.


Governance Code

We were one of the first charities in Ireland complying with the Governance Code for community, voluntary and charitable organisations in Ireland. We confirm that a review of our organisation’s compliance with the principles in the Code was conducted and was based on an assessment of our organisational practice in line with the recommended actions for each principle.

  • Principle 1: Leading our organisation
  • Principle 2: Exercising control over our organisation
  • Principle 3: Being transparent and accountable
  • Principle 4: Working effectively
  • Principle 5: Behaving with integrity

We confirm that our organisation is committed to the standards outlined in these principles.

We commit to reviewing our organisational practice in line with the recommended actions for each principle each year.

To view a copy of our signed Governance Code click below (PDF 0.3MB)


Articles of Association

To view a copy of our Articles of Association click below (PDF 0.3MB)


Charities Regulatory Authority

The Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) is Ireland’s national statutory regulatory agency for charitable organisations.

The Community Foundation for Irelands Charities Regulator Number is 20044886


Donor Charter and Charity Regulator’s Fundraising Guidelines  

We aim to uphold best practice in all areas of its activities. We have a Donor Charter and a Complaints and feedback procedure. 

To view a copy of the Community Foundation Donor Charter 2016 click below 


We are committed to working to the Charities Regulatory Authority’s Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on  Fundraising from the Public which was launched in September 2017.

To download a copy of the Guidelines click below (PDF 0.2MB)


Salary Information 

The Community Foundation for Ireland and Business in the Community Ireland are wholly owned subsidiaries of Foundation for Investing in Communities. Both companies share certain resources including Human Resource; Administration; Offices and other facilities. The costs of shared resources are allocated across both subsidiaries.

Our CEO’s, who works in both the group companies (The Community Foundation for Ireland and Business in the Community Ireland), total salary and pension entitlement is €115,000 of which €46,000 is allocated to the Community Foundation for Ireland.

Some members of our Senior Management Team work in both the group companies (The Community Foundation for Ireland and Business in the Community Ireland). Their total salary bands, including pension entitlements, range from €40,000 to €74,000 with costs allocated across both group charities. Our Senior Management Team salaries including pension entitlements range between €7,000 and €58,000 for the Community Foundation for Ireland. Benefits for all staff, including senior management, comprise entitlements to pension contributions, death in service, discretionary income protection and Employee Assistance Programme.

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