Professional Advisers

Professional Advisers

Supporting you to help your clients reach their philanthropic goals.

By partnering with us, you can help your clients get involved in philanthropy in an effective way. You deepen your offering of strategic advice and thought leadership and give an opportunity for returns in ways that are personal and deeply meaningful.

Giving back to the community through The Community Foundation for Ireland is easy. Your clients choose from a variety of giving options to best suit their needs and goals and we take care of the administration, management and governance on their behalf. We can also advise on strategic giving and connect them with charitable organisations making a difference in our community.

Both you and your clients will benefit by working with us:

  • We work as your partner. You stay in control of your client relationships – we’re here to help you provide a philanthropy service to your clients.
  • We are experts on charitable giving. Whether it’s setting up a less costly alternative to a private foundation or putting together a complicated estate plan, we can tailor giving plans to meet your clients’ particular need.
  • We offer expert knowledge about our community, so we can help your clients be as effective as possible in their giving.
  • We help you connect across generations. When you help families establish a Donor Advised Fund with us, you and they can stay involved for generations.
  • We help your clients donate a variety of assets, including cash, publicly listed securities, and real estate. These can be assets they give now, or later as part of their estate plans.

"Families and businesses and their professional advisers are increasingly aware that, for those who want to engage in strategic philanthropy, a Donor Advised Fund is a great alternative to establishing a charity or writing a cheque. Looking to the future, Donor Advised Funds will be recognised as an important tool that professional advisers can use to assist with the management of wealth. The services offered by The Community Foundation for Ireland allow families to engage in philanthropy with ease while ensuring the highiest standard of governance."

Nora Lillis, Partner William Fry

The role of professional advisers in promoting philanthropy

Professional advisers, including solicitors, accountants and financial advisers, are in an ideal position to reach and advise existing and potential philanthropists, and offering philanthropy advice can be beneficial for both advisers and their clients.

With some clients, a conversation about philanthropy may come easily as part of the business and estate planning process. With others, there may be an opportunity for the professional adviser to initiate discussions about philanthropy, often in tandem with discussions about vehicles for giving, wealth transfer and tax relief.

Significant giving opportunities often arise when clients are making major business, personal and financial decisions.  Other clients may have become unhappy with their charitable giving and are concerned with transparency and governance. Clients may be at the stage where they wish to involve their family in intergenerational giving.

How we can support you:

We recognise that the first place donors often turn to when thinking about philanthropy is their trusted professional advisers. We help advisers identify the best charitable solutions for their clients. Including:

  • If a Donor Advised Fund might be a good fit for your client.
  • In helping your client getting started with their philanthropy.
  • In the ongoing administration, management and governance of their charitable giving.
  • In keeping charitable giving energised for those involved for a long time or indeed finding creative ways to give, including involving family.
  • In empowering people who want to make a difference through a model of philanthropy that is based on trust, effectiveness and impact.

We provide a suite of philanthropy resources including guidance and research reports. We are also available to make presentations on charitable giving strategies at your firm or to help support a client event focused on strategic giving.

Our steering group

In 2008, we established a sub-committee of the Board, made up exclusively of professional advisers, to focus on philanthropy – a first for Ireland. This initiative was in response to the need for greater sharing of information and exchange of knowledge amongst those who feel that philanthropy advice will be an essential component for trusted advisers going forward. It is hoped that building a ‘community of philanthropy experts’ will, in turn, result in philanthropy becoming a more intrinsic aspect of advice to clients in the future.

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