Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

When you give strategically, it is not only a gift of money. It is a passing on of what you have achieved. It is seed for new growth given in inspiration, in money and with expertise for causes you care for.

It reflects your values, hopes and traditions. That’s why we offer a range of giving options to help you give confidently and efficiently. As a donor, you’ll have access to many charitable giving resources – including our knowledgeable staff  – for timely, personal advice and assistance about charitable giving.

Strengthening relationships

"So how did we guide our children into philanthropy? Actually, it is very easy because young people are naturally inclined to be kind, non-judgemental and generous. When they become adults, to keep the momentum going, we decided that we would like them to manage their own giving fund. Here was their chance to have an impact on the issues that were pulling on their heartstrings. From regular reminders to lists of relevant causes to choose from, to organising meetings, down to practically holding their hands throughout the whole process, The Community Foundation for Ireland has been so supportive. As an added bonus the fund has given my children a focus outside their busy working lives and an opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, thereby strengthening their closeness as siblings."

Family Fund holder as The Community Foundation for Ireland

Three easy steps to getting started

1. Decide when you want to donate

  • Set up a new fund immediately, and begin giving grants right away.
  • Donate immediately to one of our existing Thematic Funds .
  • Set up an endowed fund (in perpetuity) or a term fund (medium-term fund) with a once off donation or contribute funds periodically to build the fund over time. Read about one of our amazing families who have given back to a number of causes and are making a huge impact.
  • Give later through your estate. You can set up everything now to ensure your wishes will be met.


2. Choose how you would like to be involved

  • If you set up a Donor Advised Fund, you can specify the organisations and causes you want to give to. Our staff can help in identifying particular causes or organisations and in undertaking due diligence in relation to selected non-profit organisations. All administration and governance is handled by us, saving time and hassle.
  • If you would prefer to have less involvement, you can make a donation to our Endowment Fund which is used to address the most pressing needs of the day in the community.
  • Or you can donate to one of our existing thematic funds and join other donors in addressing a particular area of interest. We have five such funds: Environment, Infant Health and Wellbeing, LGBT+ Fund, Older Persons’ Fund and The Women’s Fund.
  • Give to your county. Many donors like to give back in a way that impacts where they came from. For example, we helped set up The County Monaghan Fund in 2004 along with a committee of 12 civic-minded Monaghan people. To find out more about the County Monaghan Fund click here.
  • Would you like to involve anyone else in your giving? Increasingly individuals and families are thinking about engaging the next generation or other family members in their giving.
  • What are your wishes in relation to privacy? Some donors, including corporates, may choose to be public in their giving. For many individuals and families, giving is much more private and they wish their giving to be confidential and anonymous. Read how one of our donors wanted to give back but in an anonymous way.

3. Determine what you want to donate

  • You can give strategically in many different ways including cash donations, shares and other gifts.

Thematic Funds you can support

We have identified a number of areas where we believe philanthropic funding can make a particular impact and where funding will be needed over the longer term. Even where the issues of the day may change, these areas will always benefit from strategic investment and support.

The Community Foundation for Ireland has invested its own resources in these areas and welcomes the support of other donors to build stronger funds to support these important areas in society. It may be difficult to make a significant difference on your own, but by joining with other donors, under our umbrella, you could help make a real impact.

We have five existing thematic funds that you can choose to support:

  • Environment Fund

    As climate change radically accelerates, we must strive to protect Ireland’s wonderful natural assets.

    Unlike many other countries, there are few, if any, independent charitable funds or foundations in Ireland supporting environmental projects, groups or initiatives. We have started this fund with the intention of building up a long-term endowment fund to support our precious environment.

    We would like to hear from anyone interested in donating to the fund, leaving a gift to the fund in their will or helping to grow the fund in the future.

  • Infant Health and Wellbeing Fund

    Within the past decade, there has been a significant reassessment of the importance of early childhood education and development in Ireland.

    Through the support of a number of other trusts and foundations, we have established a long-term endowment fund to support early childhood development, including education and support for parenting.

    Visit our Impacts section to learn more about the impacts of the fund but also how much more needs to be done.

  • LGBT+ Fund

    We are proud to have supported LGBT+ rights since we were founded. So much has been achieved but prejudice still remains, especially amongst the transgender community. Read about the progress we have made in LGBT+ in Ireland and find out how you can get involved with progressing rights and ensuring everyone is treated equally and fairly.

    Visit our Impacts section to learn more about what has been achieved through the LGBT+ Fund to date. 

  • Older Persons' Fund

    This long-term philanthropic fund promotes the civic engagement of older people, as a means of working towards making a difference in their communities. Its twin priorities are to empower older people to speak up for what they want and need and to champion older people’s participation as active citizens in their communities. In the longer term, the fund will also support activities that address older people’s social exclusion, for example loneliness and isolation. This fund is in partnership with The Atlantic Philanthropies.

    Read all about the Older Persons’ Fund here.

  • Women's Fund

    The Women’s Fund for Ireland is a long-term philanthropic fund, connecting women who care with causes that matter. Current priorities of the Fund are the prevention of violence against women and the empowerment of women to take leadership roles in communities.

    Successful women’s funds worldwide build endowed funds for the long term as this will provide a guaranteed means to support women’s issues in the years ahead – in good times and bad. When you support the Women’s Fund, you are joining a community of everyday philanthropists committed to improving the lives of women and girls in Ireland.

    Find out more about The Women’s Fund.

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