Charitable Organisations

Charitable Organisations

We have insights and a working relationship with over 4,000 non-profit organisations at a national, regional and local level throughout Ireland. We have a strong track record in collaborating with other charitable organisations, including Irish and international trusts and foundations. We can work with charitable organisations in a number of ways. 

Enormous growth

"The Atlantic Philanthropies invested in The Community Foundation for Ireland in the early days to help it establish the community foundation model in Ireland. From very small beginings in 2000, it is impressive to see the enormous growth in the endowed funds, which now exceed €40 million. The Community Foundation for Ireland is an important part of the emerging philanthropic infrastructure in Ireland."

Mary Sutton, Country Director, The Atlantic Philanthropies

Strategic funding initiatives with other trusts and foundations

The Community Foundation for Ireland welcomes the opportunity to work with other trusts and foundations where there is a shared strategic objective and where there is a chance to achieve synergies and to optimise the use of scarce philanthropic funds. Examples of such funding initiatives include:

Management and administration of grant making on behalf of other trusts and foundations

A growing dimension to the work is the administration of charitable funds on behalf of other organisations, drawing on our expertise in grant making at a grassroots level. Such collaborative partnerships have included:

  • Working with the Medtronic Foundation in the management and administration of the Medtronic Healthy Communities Fund;
  • The Tony Ryan Fund for Tipperary, which was established in 2013 by the Tony Ryan Trust to give financial support to evidence-based initiatives that support children and young people in County Tipperary to reach their full potential.

Trust transfers

Community Foundations have a reputation for the effective management of charitable funds in order to maximise their impact at local level. We can assist trustees in rejuvenating a moribund or ineffective trust fund or in spending down the assets of the trust and ensuring they are used for the intended charitable purpose. For example, we have worked with The Mount Street Trust Club on The Community Growers Fund and have also assisted Dun Laoi Teoranta in spending down the assets of its charity. Here is how we can partner with a trust:

  • If a trust or foundation is finding it difficult to identify beneficiaries or to spend the income of the charity.
  • The trust or foundation does not have any administrative resources of its own or the work of administering the charity and its investment is becoming onerous or disproportionate to the level of funding.
  • The trust or foundation is thinking about its longer-term future and is looking for a sustainable way to maintain its funding or to spend down its resources.
  • Trustees or directors are reviewing the governance of the resources of the organisation and how to best meet regulatory requirements.


Charitable Funds

Charitable organisations can set up a long-term endowed funds with us. By pooling investments, we’ll reduce your risk while optimising returns. We are a proven financial partner with an excellent reputation for donor stewardship, grant making and community leadership. It is our fiduciary duty to ensure prudent investment of your assets. The Board and our highly experienced Finance, Audit and Investment Committee oversee investment activity.

Please contact our Head of Development, Jackie Harrison if you would like to learn more or discuss your options, E:  T: 01 874 7354

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