Xilinx Community Fund Europe

Xilinx Community Fund Europe

Xilinx, a major US technology multinational with over 3,600 employees globally, established its first operations in Dublin in 1995. Xilinx, an organisation who prides itself on ensuring Corporate Social Responsibility at every level was seeking a way to engage and instil in its employees the company culture of giving and to create sustainable, long-term impact nationally and in their local communities.

Through giving as a corporate and creating a fund with The Community Foundation for Ireland, investing over €750,000 nationally, Xilinx has yielded impressive results.

Talbot National School in Clondalkin, where over 50% of families are on social welfare, is now on the European Mathletics Leader Board and has achieved the Digital School Status Award. This is just one of the many local and national initiatives that have benefited from the Xilinx Community Fund Europe. 

In total, over $2 million has been invested in Ireland to date by Xilinx, primarily in projects promoting linked-learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics and also around other issues which matter to employees and the community surrounding the Xilinx campus. Employees give through their own volunteering, personal contributions from payroll, in-house donations and mentoring with local partners.

“I want to really thank The Community Foundation for Ireland for the level of partnership you’ve offered for the last few years. You’ve been innovative and creative and helped a lot of people in the local community and internationally…Thank you from the bottom of our heart for doing the work that helps so many others”

Patty Nation, Director of Global Corporate and Community Engagement, Xilinx

Xilinx’s corporate giving programme in Ireland is operated through a three-way partnership between the company, The Silicon Valley Community Foundation and The Community Foundation for Ireland.

Xilinx Ireland aligns its giving with Xilinx Global, focusing on grant giving and volunteering, mainly through The Xilinx Educational Ecosystem, which carries funding through primary, secondary and third levels. In excess of €750,000 has been granted through The Xilinx Community Fund Europe to over 130 local, national and international charities, community groups and educational institutions so far. A further 25% of The Xilinx Community Fund Europe has supported health and wellbeing projects, from cancer research to The Children’s Hospice. Other major issues prioritised by Xilinx employees include emergency relief for international disasters, homelessness, poverty and disadvantage in Ireland.

The Community Foundation for Ireland has a working relationship with over 4,000 community groups in Ireland and abroad. This network provides Xilinx with the local knowledge, context and introductions to engage quickly with a variety of stakeholders. Equally, our understanding of the local landscape of national charities, educational institutions, community groups and government programmes assists Xilinx to comprehensively assess needs and build upon existing infrastructures and initiatives with a view to creating effective and long-lasting impacts.

How did the fund work?

Xilinx prides itself on a very involved staff. Employees give through payroll deductions and in-house donations and are also eager to share their knowledge and intellectual capital through mentoring and volunteering with local partners. The company matches both employees’ funds raised and volunteer hours logged, increasing the amount of grant-funding available and greatly enhancing employee engagement and loyalty.

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